Fierce Competition

Delegations from 40 countries including Iran took part in the opening ceremony of the World Content Market media event in Moscow on Tuesday, May 28th, 2019.

There are other similar annual events held in countries like India, China & Italy. However, the World Content Market held in Russia could be considered the biggest of its kind in this side of the world. It is the second time that Iranian companies are to be presented in an individual section called the “Persian Animation Pavilion”, hosting 11 Iranian animation studios. These companies are looking forward to negotiating with distributors, producers, networks and other western & eastern animation studios to market their content, sign production contracts or start joint-production projects. Four of these companies have also partaken in the special segment of the program in the hopes of finding prospective investors or studios willing to collaborate on realizing and monetizing their future projects.

It is worth mentioning that although Iranian animation industry dates back to more than half a century ago, it has only been moving towards profitability in recent years. The remarkable difference in labor and final costs of making animated content in Iran compared to developed western countries could be a huge potential advantage in attracting foreign investment. Iranian animation industry currently produces about 43 thousand minutes of content annually, which approximately costs 200 to 300 USD and 300 to 400 USD per minute for 2D & 3D animations respectively and is immensely cheaper than the rest of the competition. That’s a key point a lot of rookie Iranian studios are going to make when negotiating to sell, find a partner or an investor.