Iranian Animation Industry Reaching Out for International Collaborations

The Iranian animation industry delegation spent the final day of the World Content Market media event, held in Moscow from May 28th to 30th, meeting and connecting with government envoys and associates for other international companies. Delegations from Italy, Russia, Hungary, Armenia & Vietnam met with their Iranian counterparts to discuss further collaborations. Talks mostly addressed agreements on the distribution of Iranian content as well as working on new joint-production projects. These collaborations could encompass a wide spectrum of projects ranging from production to distribution.

Also, many of the mentioned countries have incentives for international joint-production programs, wherein the transfer of content production (in this case, animations) could warrant state funding. This could be a great point of interest for smaller studios. There have not been any concrete news pertaining to the finalization of any agreement or contract yet, but it seems there will be more announcement to be made in the future.