Iranian Content in World Markets

Iranian animation studios present at the World Content Market, currently underway in Moscow, are marketing their products for prospective international customers. Four of the eleven studios at the event had the opportunity to introduce and market their latest projects for investors or companies interested in joint-production deals. The first studio was “Rah-E-Rang” which unveiled a project called “Wooley Bully”. This is a 52 episode animated series about the adventures of four kids who struggle to help each other solve the real problems of their fantasy world. The next was “A passenger from Daytia” which is a joint production of “Yar” & “Pasargad” studios. This sci-fi themed animated movie tries to deliver a fresh outlook to the world by choosing a disabled boy as the protagonist. The third studio to take the spotlight was “Royan” which debuted a project called “Annie & Mani”. This 26 episodes educational animated series focuses on empowering kids in their social and emotional associations. The last Iranian project to be presented at the special segment was “Park of Friendship” which will be a 26 episode stop motion animated series. This is the latest project from the award-winning Iranian studio “Gavazn-E-Ghermez” that is known for its success last project “Mr. Deer”. All these projects are in pre-production or initial production phases and studios are hopeful to find international collaborators to provide necessary funding for these projects. All other Iranian studios are also engaged in intense negotiations with prospective international costumers to sell and distribute their content in other parts of the globe. Deals that if made, could vastly improve Iranian animation industry recognition throughout the world.