Strong Attendance

The World Content Market event marks its end as Iranian studios seems to have made a mark. According to Elena Sunbeam who manages the event:” up until last year no one thought Iranians have such developed animation industry”. She believes Iranian animation industry has a promising future and could have a large international audience in the global media market. Iranian studios managed to put up a better show in this year’s event and were able to steal the spotlight from their much better funded and highly equipped Chinese rivals. “Iranian studios show great technique and have shown their abilities. When we consider the immense difference in the final costs of producing animation in Iran, it’s the obvious choice for international costumers” Mrs. Sunbeam added.

Although she believes there’s more to be done since there are cultural and other differences that should be taken into account when producing content for countries outside the middle east. There should also be provisions in place that facilitate international collaborations, especially since certain products have specific and inevitable added costs which could affect the quality of the final product.\